Nancy Older Professional Voice Instruction Ventura Los Angeles Santa BarbaraNancy Older provides professional voice instruction in southern California (Los Angeles, Ventura County, Santa Barbara.)  The study of singing and perfecting vocal technique  requires ongoing study and practice encompassing the lifetime of a singer.   Each voice is unique and must be heard, exercised, and directed differently. The ideal role of the teacher is to evaluate vocal production, and to communicate and motivate growth and develop the perfect technique and freedom in singing.

Vocal study allows the singer to understand the natural function their individual instrument. This allows the voice move without effort to produce beautiful sound. The singer who possesses a free and natural production will be able to display emotion and and artistry in performance – to communicate with their audience.

Students must find a teacher whose ears they trust ~ for it is the ability of the teacher to listen and communicate what is needed to the singer which allows progressive vocal development.

Goals of Voice Study

• enjoyment and satisfaction of personal artistic expression in singing
• development of vocal technique appropriate for each singer – any style: classical,   pop, musical theatre, blues, or pop
• beautiful vocal production which displays enjoyment and vocal freedom
• endurance, energy and flexibility in singing
• coordination and establishment of perfect equilibrium in function of the two  elements of voice – the vibrator (vocal chords) and the actuator (the breath)
• extension, purification, and balance of the registers for each individual voice
• vocalization with pure vowel production to establish correct phonation on all pitches
• creative use of resonance spaces and adjustments for different styles of singing
• proficiency in musicianship: sight reading, harmony, intonation and rhythm skills
• dramatic focus and stage presence in performance

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